How is AI-Based Proctoring Redefining Recruitment?

Recruitment & Online Assessments

Organizations globally are taking up the mantle of technology to improve and optimize their processes. Recruitment, a necessary process for organizational growth, is also embracing technology. Organizations are employing new-age technologies to reduce the hiring time and scale up the hiring process.

There is widespread use of online assessments in the screening process. Online assessments enable organizations to test the core skills and suitability of the candidates, in line with the role as well as the organization and shortlist them for selection interviews. While online assessments have become the preferred mode of screening, they were primarily meant to scale and speed up the hiring process without adding time and logistical requirements to the process.

Remote online assessment, on the other hand, is the answer to the long-standing recruitment problems of having to call candidates to a designated venue, having them take the test, and making them wait for the result, etc. An excellent way is to administer remote online assessments that can be easily taken by candidates from their choice of location, and assessors can evaluate them at their own time of liking. And finally, assessors can rely on calling candidates for the selection interview. Furthermore, remote assessments help organizations employ gig economy workers and globalize their teams.

While many organizations have pursued the idea of remote online assessments, they have often been bogged down by the challenges in administering them. The credibility of remote online assessments has been a constant concern for test-givers, mainly due to the following concerns:

  • Someone else taking the test in place of the actual candidate
  • Searching for answers online/using online software to generate solutions
  • Searching for answers on the mobile/calling someone to ask for answers
  • Getting another person in the room to help in answering the questions
  • Have a friend simultaneously access the exam questions and providing answers through screen sharing
  • Leaving the room or getting up in the middle of the test to use unfair means

In the absence of anti-cheating measures to securely conduct the test, the factors, above-mentioned, compromise the credibility of remote online assessments forcing organizations to invite the candidates to the venue so that they can take the test in the presence of an acting invigilator. The role of the invigilator is usually performed by the HR or hiring manager who keeps a strict vigil on the candidate’s activities.

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