How is Remote Proctoring Digitizing the Educational Landscape?

The Present & Future Landscape of Education

In an ever-growing digital world, education, too, is under a constant upgradation with the infusion of new-age technology, at different stages, from admissions to placements. A growing student population is also driving the consequent need for a quality education which is affordable and conveniently accessible.

Although the shift towards technology has begun, as the global economy prepares itself for the fourth industrial revolution, with technology and automation leading the way, the education system needs to jump on the bandwagon to give way to a more robust and flexible structure that is in tandem with the future of jobs. With an increasing demand for new-age courses, the scope of online education has expanded ,resulting in a growth spurt. With the online education expected to grow by leaps and bounds, there is an imminent need for educational institutions to move towards an online mode of education. Processes including admissions, fees, learning material, student information, attendance, etc. have rapidly digitized, saving a lot of resources.

The digital learning space, after being given a suspicious eye, given its physical disconnect with the learner, is finally witnessing a sudden surge in the number of online learners.

With an increasing number of global universities entering the digital learning space, offering full-fledged degrees and certifications, technology is being used to clamp down on cases of cheating and academic fraud.

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs as they are commonly known , are the new fad in digital education. Affordable and flexible, the online learning space uses technology for delivering lectures, as well as for conducting examinations. These courses are open to all and are a great way to add skills on the go.

While latest technology interventions, using AI/ ML are yet to be trusted and explored on a larger scale for examinations, a growing number of institutions are broadening their horizons to explore digital education. Examinations play a crucial role in the disbursement of education but the authenticity of processes and results are significant concerns and thus technology is being being seriously considered to put these concerns to rest.

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