Off-the-shelf and Custom Psychometric Assessments

Off-the-shelf and bespoke

Our off-the-shelf and bespoke aptitude, cognitive and ability tests, personality questionnaires and situational judgement tests are geared to meet the testing demands of modern organisations and their teeming test-takers. We develop psychometrics that are pragmatic, candidate-friendly, and quick and easy to use.

Apart from our off-the-shelf, on-demand assessments covering all areas of organizational life, we have a team of qualified psychologists ready to design and develop tailor-made psychometric solutions to meet your organizational needs. Thinking about how to design a psychometrically reliable and valid assessment aligned to your company’s values, behaviours, skills and competencies? Thinking of how to roll out across your organization with little resistance? We can help, having successfully assisted hundreds of organizations across the globe. Talk to us today and we’ll exceed your expectations.

Build Winning Teams That Drive Success, with Psychometric Testing Tools

Hire the Right Person

Hire the right cultural fit, with a blend of assessments tuned to find the perfect job fit.

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Develop Right

Identify key developmental areas for each employee to create a customised L&D roadmap.

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Make Better Leaders

Groom leaders from employees today, to ensure the creation of a solid leadership pipeline for the future

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Be on Point for the People Part of Your Business Equation