Online Test Proctoring Solutions

Online Test Proctoring Solutions

In partnership with some of the world’s assessment solutions companies, one of the world’s largest assessment technology companies, we offer state-of-the-art online remote invigilation and cheating prevention system integrated with a robust testing platform. Our clients can assess candidates from any part of the world, thereby significantly reducing the costs of various HR programmes.

Making Examinations a Seamless Experience

For Faculty

Save time on test paper evaluation. Receive instant feedback to plan curriculum. Manage question banks and create test effectively.

For Students

Save time on travelling to test centers. Receive actionable feedback with relevant benchmarks. Access industry validated questions.

For Institutions

Increase your reach via digital registration. Simplify your process with our integrated payment solution. Avoid all the hassles of managing large centres.

Managing End-to-End Online Examination Process with Exam Management System


  • Registration & Online Payment
  • Test Creation
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  • Trained Fleet of Proctors
  • Center Management
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  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Group Analytics
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