Gina KennedyAdministrator

areas of expertise
  • ⦁ Strategy
    ⦁ Change
    ⦁ Coaching
    ⦁ Culture
    ⦁ Team development
    ⦁ Diversity/inclusion,
    ⦁ Group and team process
    ⦁ Organization design and transformation
    ⦁ Problem solving, adult learning
    ⦁ Dispersed teams
    ⦁ Leadership development
    ⦁ Human and organization systems
    ⦁ Talent management
    ⦁ Workforce planning
    ⦁ Employee engagement.
  • ⦁ PhD., Management, Unversity of Science, Malaysia
    ⦁ BSc, Psychology, University of Ibadan
    ⦁ MSc., Industrial /Organisational Psychology, University of Ibadan
    ⦁ MBTI, Cubiks, GLI

Professor Gail Townsend is Professor of Organizational Development and Change at the University of Delaware where she has taught for over a decade. She is also an Organization Development Specialist and Global HR Business Partner working full time with W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc
She holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, Masters in Human and Organizational Systems from same University and Masters in Organizational Development and Change from American University. Her areas of expertise include: Strategy, change, coaching, culture, team development, diversity/inclusion, group and team process, organization design and transformation, problem-solving, adult learning, dispersed teams, leadership development, human and organization, systems, talent management, workforce planning, and employee engagement.

She is a change educator, as well as a scholar who has expertise as an organization researcher and practitioner across boundaries throughout Europe and Asia. She has a proven record of crafting strategy into results-oriented solutions.

While partnering with individuals, she builds upon individual and organization values to achieve creative, sustainable results. This creates a reinforcing cycle of continuous growth and improvement at all levels of intervention. She has extensive experience in incorporating diversity values into strategy. This contributes to accelerated change, transition, and transformation that achieve positive, profitable sustainable business results. In coaching leaders, we create an engaging environment while applying processes to achieve growth, innovation, and sustainability. Her OD approach uses theory and practice to integrate culture, vision, strategy, diversity, inclusion, psychology, and education to support individuals, teams, and organizations to meet business objectives. She has an excellent history as a change agent that builds, leads, and empowers cross-functional teams to implement.


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“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.”

Albert Ellis, American Psychologist

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