Brand and Consumer Psychology Masterclass

The Institute of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (IIOP) in collaboration with The School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan-Atlantic University presents to you Brand & Consumer Psychology Master Class

Purpose Statement

This course provides the understanding of psychological insights and techniques to uncover critical customer needs, align branding & communication with people’s perceptions and emotions, and create a brand experience in an engaging and motivating way that leads to conversion, buy-in and repeat purchases.


Among the toughest questions about a well-designed brand or product is the psychological framing of it to touch on consumer emotions, which in turn leads to conversion.

This course shares practical tools of successful brands with real-time business case studies to drive learning home. The course is divided into four interconnected sections. And would begin with an understanding of consumer personality and an overview of how brands often fail to connect with fundamental emotional needs, crafting a brand narrative that commands a powerful emotional impact that makes it feel personally relevant to the life of the consumer.

Participants would be engaged on how to apply insights to create a brand narrative that elicits a specific reaction from the consumer and taking brand narrative into persuasive creative communication with the aid of bespoke tools to create loyal and committed consumer/client.

They will also learn the cognitive and behavioural components of consumer behaviour, strategies to change consumer beliefs and win them to the other side of the divide. It will take participants into the world of the consumer and unravel the intricate ways they make decisions about a brand, product or service.

The course will also introduce participants to the fundamentals of subliminal persuasion and the roles subliminal psychology plays in tacitly and overtly influencing consumer choices.

Duration: 4 days

Key Deliverables

At the end of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Decode people’s real psychological & emotional needs
  • Create a brand story that persuades logically and emotionally
  • Control the emotional Impact of communication
  • Turn people into committed and loyal customers
  • Deconstruct customer’s mindset and felt needs
  • Build habits, increase loyalty, and elicit positive emotional responses
  • Direct attention and catalyze action with appropriate cues and triggers
  • Integrate psychological tactics with your conversion optimization efforts

Some Content Outline

Fundamental tenets of brand and consumer psychology Understanding consumer personalities

Subliminal persuasion in the digital age

Consumer profiling in the digital age Process of consumer decision-making Product & brand positioning

Principles that influence consumer behaviour

Target Audience

 The programme targets brand strategists and managers, marketing and sales managers, corporate communications executives and managers, public relations executives and managers, production managers in FMCGs and any executive who leverages branding, communication and marketing to drive buy-in.


The programme will be highly practical, combining the theory and practice of brand and consumer psychology to drive the transfer of learning. Laced with relevant exercises, case studies, role-plays and videos, it will equip participants with ready-to-use tools, strategies and frameworks to move consumers to raving fans.

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